Nursing Home

Sample project assignments/work done by HP&MR:

  • Assisted a variety of organizations in doing research, organizing and facilitating strategic planning processes – Tom Reek, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Crosby, MN; Debra Boardman, Riverview Health, Crookston, MN; Mike Hagen, Riverwood Healthcare Center, Aitkin, MN; Jon Braband, Glencoe Regional Health Services, Glencoe, MN; Mike Schramm, Meeker Memorial Hospital, Litchfield, MN are a few persons who have used our services repeatedly for their planning processes
  • Assisted a number of organizations in the development and continued expansion of senior campuses including market research that helped Mark Anderson, Knute Nelson, Alexandria, MN complete the development of one campus, and secure land to begin development of a second campus in Alexandria; facilitated the development of an ownership partnership between Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, Crosby, MN (Tom Reek) and Presbyterian Homes & Services (Dan Lindh) for the development of a senior campus in Crosby, MN; worked with Hutchinson Area Health Care in planning for a replacement nursing home and senior housing on a new campus near the Medical Center
  • Completed many consumer surveys that have allowed facilities to compare how their facilities compare with other similar campuses, measure market share, and do repeat surveys to measure progress toward achieving goals established as a result of the survey research – Frank Lawatsch, Swift County – Benson Hospital was able to measure the change that occurred based on marketing campaign that was implemented; Tom Reek, Cuyuna Regional Medical Center, has measured market share changes and reasons for changing through a number of successive surveys
  • Worked with Hospitals and Nursing Homes in Northeastern, MN and with the Wilderness Coalition, in strategic planning that lead to successfully securing significant grant dollars to develop and implement a pharmacy system to have professional pharmacy services 24 hours a day 7 days a week; facilitated a planning process with a “subset” of Critical Access Hospitals with attached nursing homes to develop a model that will make the nursing homes more viable - John Fossum, Ely-Bloomenson Community Hospital and Nursing Home, Ely, MN
  • Worked with Sanford Health Network (James Striepe) to organize and facilitate a uniform strategic planning process for the Network Hospitals
  • Assisted Bethany Homes, Fargo, ND (Shawn Stuhaug) doing market research and planning to make the decision to develop a second campus of senior housing, skilled nursing in the rapidly growing area of Fargo.
  • Assisted Denny Garland, Luther Care Services, Des Moines, IA in completing market research and planning to complete his existing campus with a full array of senior living options, and work with him to identify opportunities for the development of a second campus
  • Robert Erickson, the Welsh Companies, uses HP&MR to assist in preliminary market research to identify opportunities in conjunction with available land and to form partnerships with organizations to develop senior campuses
  • Worked with Dan Valentine, United Pioneer Home, Luck, WI, to do market research and plan a replacement nursing home, a Community Based Residential Facility and a Residential Care Apartment Complex in Luck, WI
  • Assisted Mountrail County Medical Center, Stanley, ND (Mitch Leupp) in research and planning to close the existing hospital and build a new hospital attached to the nursing home in another location to maximize economies and provide a new hospital for the community